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  • If your child is absent from School please contact the school before 9:30am on telephone number 01873 810619 and tell us what is wrong.

  • If you know in advance your child is going to be away you should give your child a letter or speak to you child’s teacher giving the reasons and details.

  • Holidays during term time cannot be authorised unless there are mitigating circumstances which you will need to discuss with Mrs Green  –


I’m sure that you are aware that attendance is a national and local priority in Wales.

The six directors within the South West and Mid Wales Education Consortium, which includes Powys have already taken the decision that all absences due to pupils being taken on holiday during term time should be deemed to be unauthorised by schools. 

The link between good attendance and high standards is a very strong one and as such, the Directors are eager to encourage high attendance rates and to discourage holidays being taken during term time. Therefore the decision has been taken that all absences due to holidays should not be authorised by any Headteachers within the six Local Authorities in the South West and Mid Wales Consortium from September 2013.

Taking a holiday during term time means that children miss important school time – both educationally and for other school activities. It will be difficult for them to catch up on work they have missed. In a busy school day, it is difficult for schools to find the extra time to help a child catch up and it’s not only the academic work but also missing out on the social side of school life can also impact on pupils’ wellbeing.

There is plenty of educational research which links pupil attainment with attendance. 90% attendance at school equates to ½ day a week missed. This would be 4 whole weeks missed over the school year!

Parents do not have a legal right to take children out of school on holiday and consequently, any absence due to holidays during term time will not be authorised by the school.

Directive from lead Director at ERW
(Education through Regional Working)

Staff will inquire about and investigate unjustified absences, possibly with the help of the Welfare Officer. If there are problems we strongly recommend the pupil talk to someone, such as a teacher, Teaching Assistant or Mrs Green.

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